Ontario Oil & Natural Gas Drilling

Ontario Oil & Gas History

  • Over 100 years of drilling on Lake Erie, 2105 wells, safely and without environmental impact.
  •          First Lake Erie Well

  • 24,560 wells drilled onshore in Ontario.
  • First onshore well was in 1858 "James Miller Williams' Line No. 1" In Oil Springs. First Oil Well
  • Article on Oil Springs
  • Oil Farmer Video
  • Collingwood Shale Factory

  • Fracking since 1952!

  • Hydraulic fracturing has been a standard completion practice since the early 1950’s and has been used extensively in Ontario, safely and without impact to the environment. Dundee Energy DOES NOT use & HAS NOT used high-volume hydraulic fracturing anywhere in Ontario for the purposes of extracting oil or gas from shale.
  • An overview of hydraulic fracturing in Ontario. Safely Harvesting Energy

  • Videos

  • The Truth about Fracking
  • Fracknation - a film about fracking.
  • Still Standing - CBC documentary on Oil Springs, Ontario.

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